Via F. Vannetti Donnini n. 65 – 59100 Prato (PO) Italy
Tel. +39 0574 661185
Fax +39 0574 662093

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday  8,30/12,30 – 14,30/18,30

Our staff is available for any need and the persons in charge of the different departments can be contacted by phone, calling number 0039 0574 661185, and by e-mail at the following addresses:

Sig. Sandro Niccolai -Administration/Finance Manager niccolai@tecnocomprato.com
Sig. Stefano Lazzerini -Technical Manager lazzerini@tecnocomprato.com
Sig. Massimo Ghinelli -Manufacturing Department Manager ghinelli@tecnocomprato.com
Sig. Gianluca Nucciarelli -Purchase Department Manager nucciarelli@tecnocomprato.com
Responsabile commerciale commerciale@tecnocomprato.com
Sig. Moschella -Responsible for testing and start-ups moschella@tecnocomprato.com